new project in Dharamsala, India

We would like to support the work of the Tong-Len charitable trust. Tong-Len is an NGO that takes care of the inhabitants of the slums around Dharamsala. Most families in that area live in a state of despair. Tong-Len aims to break the cycle of deprivation and poverty through education. Tong-Len has set up its own school with boarding facilities for the neediest children. Over 113 children aged 4 to 18 currently attend the school. In addition, 112 children from the slum attend the school as day students.
The most urgent need is for warm clothes and blankets for the children, who still live in the slum. With inadequate shelter, without shoes or proper clothing, they have to go through a hard winter.
KENIAL e.V. would like to bring shoes, warm jackets and backpacks for the children’s school supplies. Maloja kindly offered to sew warm blankets for this project, which will keep the children warm at least at night, in the tents made of plastic sheets.
We urgently need donations for this project. The shipping and the upcoming fees and customs duties are high. So anyone who enjoys supporting this project, every donation helps.