Backpacks for the soupkitchen

Helli is back in Namibia. And in his luggage he has the promised backpacks – thanks to Tatonka! for the volunteers of the Kids Soupkitchen in Katutura, Windhoek. And on top of that, super nice shirts from Maloja.

Warm clothings for the teenagers in Ukraine

Since 2019 we have 3 projects in Ukraine. Among other things, we support a school whose dedicated teachers and pupils have set up a climbing club, build the climbing walls themselves and also travel a lot in the Carpathians. Now the situation is completely different, and the children are reeling from two years of pandemic…

New clothes for 85 children in Kenya

New clothes for 85 children of Utunzi Kwa Watoto in Kenya. Thank you Esther for the take along on your journey and handover on your way and thank you Bena for the organization on site. The NGO utunzi kwa watoto supports orphans and half-orphans in Kenya. Ensures that the children can attend school and receive…

New blankets in Dharamsala

Today there were new blankets for young mothers and their children in the slums around Dharamsala. Special thanks to Maloja for providing the blankets for this project. And of course a big thank you to the staff of the Tong-Len Charity, who bring the blankets to the mothers on site.

New blankets from Maloja for India

Again a new delivery of warm blankets arrives at the NGO The blankets are for the children in the slums around Dharamslala. A great project with Maloja, who produce the blankets especially for Kenial and our kenial project with Tong-Len.

new things for Mongolia

Today we received enchanting pictures from Mongolia. We are very happy to be able to support the great work of the NGO Freundeskreis Mongolei. The association looks after children with disabilities both at home and in a special kindergarten, in school and education. Sandra could hand over backpacks and neck supports to the children and…

Distribution of the blankets from Maloja in Dharamsala

Tonight a few children will not freeze. After a long time in the lockdown, with a lot of rain and cold nights, today the smallest children in the slum of Dharamsala got warm blankets. Specially sewn – a kenial thank you to Maloja and Primaloft for producingf the blankets. Thanks to Preetu for the help…

Blankets for the very young children in Dharamsala

India, Dharamsala. The NGO TongLen runs a school that enables children from the slums to learn reading, writing, maths and much more. There are health projects, community and much more. We asked what is most urgently needed: Blankets, blankets for the little ones who not go to school yet. It gets cold at night. 128…

Lena in Namibia

simply kenial. Lena is flying to Namibia, to the Omuhonga Combined School, which she had to leave last year because of the Covid pandemic. And in her luggage she has shirts for the first 5 classes of the school. The cheerful DAV shirt will simply become the school uniform. Thank you very much Lena! A…

Lisa in Albania

Thanks Lisa for visiting the Children’s Home of the Albanienhilfe Weilheim in Elbasan. And bringing along a laptop and several bags from Tatonka and Maloja.