Kyrgystan 2024

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Some time has passed, the transport in the country was time-consuming but it was worth it. The first items reach Karakol with Misha and the children there. The joy is huge, but there are many more children there. An accident halted the distribution for the time being, but hopefully it will continue in a few days.

The children. Children from very simple families come together here in Karakol and are allowed to try out skiing. Many of them belong to clubs that also go hiking together and practise off-piste orientation.

The travellers. Tina and Lukas handed over the clothes to Misha on site some time ago. And now the time has finally come and he reaches the first children with Lidia. It takes a really long time, but everything arrives.

Contact on site. As always, Misha Danishkin, himself a mountain guide and the first winter climber of all 7000m peaks in the former Soviet Union, is responsible for the entire organisation on site. He maintains contact with the schools, children’s homes and social workers and teachers.

Handover. The luggage includes jackets, trousers, jumpers and buffs. Thanks to Schöffel, Maloja and Ortovox.