New blankets from Maloja for India

Again a new delivery of warm blankets arrives at the NGO The blankets are for the children in the slums around Dharamslala. A great project with Maloja, who produce the blankets especially for Kenial and our kenial project with Tong-Len.

(Deutsch) Dharamsala, Indien

And again we have reached the children of the Ton-Leng Charity in Dharamsala, India. Simply wonderful! Thanks to Preetu, Simon and Raman – who made this possible.

Distribution of the blankets from Maloja in Dharamsala

Tonight a few children will not freeze. After a long time in the lockdown, with a lot of rain and cold nights, today the smallest children in the slum of Dharamsala got warm blankets. Specially sewn – a kenial thank you to Maloja and Primaloft for producingf the blankets. Thanks to Preetu for the help…

new project in Dharamsala, India

We would like to support the work of the Tong-Len charitable trust. Tong-Len is an NGO that takes care of the inhabitants of the slums around Dharamsala. Most families in that area live in a state of despair. Tong-Len aims to break the cycle of deprivation and poverty through education. Tong-Len has set up its…