Windhoek Riverheights

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A wonderful football and education project, located in the Goreangab settlement area – one of the poorest and most socially neglected areas in Windhoek. The Riverheights Football Academy is a soccer and education project in one of the poorest and most socially neglected areas in Windhoek. The academy transforms the lives of about 60 children through soccer and helps the kids to reach their full potential through play.

The focus is on the well-being of the children, initially through soccer and later through education, arts and culture. Movement, team spirit and fun. That makes for self-confidence.

Oskar, Wilma and Anke are traveling through Namibia in spring 2022. And they are already looking forward to the soccer project on site.

Thanks to Trikots für die Welt, the luggage will hopefully include jerseys, pants and sockets for several teams – and maybe even something for the girls. Women’s teams are in the planning stage.

In August 2022, a very large shipment arrives. Trikot für die Welt from Hamburg donates balls, shoes and jerseys. For many of the boys the first pair of sports shoes ever. And everything can be brought to Namibia in a container. Simply kenial.

Already in March 23, there are also jerseys for the younger footballers. Thanks to Trikot für die Welt!