Hats and scarves

Thanks to Krystyna, who will be travelling to Ukraine again in winter 2023 to bring hats and scarves to the children at Bohorodchany School. And yes, soon there will be even more for the little climbers. Because climbing lessons at the school have finally started again. Thanks to the DAV and Susanne for their support!

Clothes for The Homestead

Sometimes a child’s life is in danger. We experience this time and time again. These kids now live in safety, better not to recognise them. But they lack all kinds of things. We now have some great clothes, thanks to the DAV for supporting this project with us.

New shoes and shirts for Bogota

In November, we reach out to the children and young people of the CES in Bogota. In June there was only something for the little kindergarten kids. But now it’s the youngsters’ turn and there are LOWA shoes and T-shirts. Thanks to Theresa and Ellen, Lowa and Alix – who together make this project possible.

(Deutsch) Mutter-Kind Heim Ukraine

For the first time since the start of the war, Kryztyna is back in Ukraine and visits the children at the mother and child home that we supported long before the war began. There are warm jackets and shoes, scarves and hats for the mothers and children. The children are incredibly happy. Unfortunately, we have…

The Laura Vicuña Schule in Puerto Montt

The Laura Vicuña School in Puerto Montt, run by the Salesians of Don Bosco, offers children with mental or physical disabilities the chance of a better future. Our travelers brought the children and youngsters warm Bufftücher, warm jackets, vests and pants. We hope for many more travelers to Chile. Thanks ortovox who supported this project.

the new class of the Happy School in Rwanda

Also this year, a new class was enrolled at the Happy School in Rwanda. Many thanks to Kinder und Jugendhilfe Rwanda, who run the school and take care of everything on site. Thanks to Sonja and Egide for the handover. Because each child gets sandals, a school bag and a cool shirt from us.

Kenial in Indonesia

Dome and his friends are on the island of Bali in Indonesia to surf, enjoy the sea and the landscape. Of course they are part of a kenialken project and visit the organization http://www.balilife.org. The children’s home is home to almost 50 children. They take in orphaned, abandoned or rejected children to give them hope,…

Kantipuur Highschool in Nepal

12 children live at Kantipuur High School in Kathmandu. The children have the opportunity to go to school here and also to live. Due to the difficult circumstances they come from, the school has become their home. And that every day. Franz Hölzl is a mountain guide from Munich and visited the kids for us…

Tina and Lukas in Orlovka, Kyrgyztan

Tina and Lukas visit a children’s home in Orlovka, Kyrgyzstan. Twenty-five children from the age of 5 live there. Tina and Lukas experience everyday life on site, play, do handicrafts and buy food for cooking together. In their luggage they have jackets, shoes, shirts, trousers, shoes and buffs. Thanks to LOWA, Ortovox, Susanne Singer, Luis…

Mongolia 2023

We can send things to Mongolia on a regular basis. And also in June 2023, a load will arrive. On site, Sandra from Switzerland distributes our Kenyan shoes, backpacks and shirts to the children and their families. And also always to the staff of the NGO Freundeskreis Mongolei.