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The Children’s Home Aishworya is a small, family-lead home in Kathmandu, Nepal. The kids are well taken care of there, being given Food, clean water, medical treatment and basic education. They needed shoes and warm weatherproof jackets. And that’s exactly what the kenial mountaineer Luis Stizinger brought them in October 2016. He guided the Rolwaling Trek and before he visited the kids. Warm jackets for Bidesh, Kamal, Maya, Sita… financed by your donations. LOWA gave all the shoes, in the right sizes. Targeted and direct. In May 2017 KENIAL visited the children a second time. With school bags and clothes. Supported by Tatonka and Maloja. The children are great. Cheerful and happy. We will be back. The children urgently need blankets and the homework is looking for sponsors for individual children

Kids. There are 50 Kids living in the home, partly orphans, partly abandoned, partly kids whose parents can’t provide for them. They are between one and 18 years old. They’re going to school and have a safe place to live and play.

Mountain. Many climbers, trekkers, climbers will go to Nepal, the Himalayas. Whenever you are on the road, take the time, and support these children. The woman of the childrens home will show you the way through Kathmandu streets to the kids home. And you will discover a joyful and open place in the heart of the city. And help 50 children on their way to the future.

Contact in Nepal. Pramila lives close to the home and is the daughter of the founder. She visits the home every day and is responsible for all administrative
tasks, managing all the volunteers from all over the world that support the home