New Kopila 2019

Wilma and Anke on the way to Mardi Himal. They visit the New Kopila Home for the first time. Here all kids will get jackets, laptops and some toys…the boys are very happy with the new footballs and the girls with volleyballs.

We bring down jackets, rain jackets, pencil cases, pencils, toys for the kids. The jackets come from Sprayway, Marmot and Mountain Equipment. Pencil case and small Tatonkis from Tatonka and the balls from Mikasa.

Two laptops for the college students. Donated by Secunet Essen. The laptop bags spontaneously donated by the DAV. Simply KENIAL. Thanks to all.

Athletes. Get ready for the Mardi Himal. A wonderful journey with countless experiences. And wonderful people on the way.