Two strong climbing women on the way through Guatemala. On their trek through Guatemala, Marina and Elisa will head to the highlands of Guatemala. And open a new, kenial project in San Cristobal. They visit a children’s home on the spot and bring the children what makes sense. Personally and directly. First visit is in December 2018. But we have more stuff for the kids: Backpacks, hopefully blankets. Who is on the way?

The children. 28 boys and girls between 7 and 20 years. These are children who come from particularly hard conditions. Orphans, disabled, abandoned and abused children.

Travellers. Marina and Elisa on tour. Backpack put on and 28 pairs of good mountain shoes. When our plans all work out. T-shirts and a little cuddly toy.

Contact Person. Dorle is always available for us. She leads the NGO Projekthilfe Guatemala. You can also become a sponsor for a child in the orphan’s home. Get more information on their webiste.