New Kopila 2021

Luis Stitzinger takes off for Everest again. Before meeting his group in Kathmandu, Luis hands over a new laptop to the kids. Homeschooling is back in Nepal and 25 children have to share a laptop so far. One is for the girls who are already at college. Now another laptop has been added. There are also clothes and shoes for the new children. In autumn, Luis returns and first climbs the 7000-metre Putha Hiunchuli, before returning to the home. With him are school backpacks for the kids, because in the meantime school has also reopened here.

Kids. The home is located in the middle of the city. A happy home for 27 children. Attending school costs money, yet all of them can go to school. Homeschooling is only possible in Nepal with your own laptop.

For the little ones, there are also new shoes, jackets, shirts, hats and jumpers. Plus bags and backpacks.

Four more children from the home will soon go to college. An enormous success for the home and the director Prajola.

Athletes. Luis Stitzinger is once again leading a group of mountaineers up Everest. We wish everyone a good journey and a safe return.

In october 2021 new backpacks for the school kids. School has started again in Kathmandu. Hopefully for a long time.