In the small town of Lamayuru in Ladakh, there is a Bhuddist monastery where monks live. A small group of 21 children live and study in the monastery. The children only see their parents during the holidays, so they spend day after day inside the old walls. They lack warm clothing. Incidentally, the boys can learn a “normal” profession after finishing school, when they are around 16 years old, and are not forced to stay in the monastery for the rest of their lives.

Die Kinder. 21 Jungen wachsen im Kloster auf. Sie sind zwischen 5 und 15 Jahre alt. Sie letrnen uns spielen zusammen, sehen die Familie nur in den Ferien.

The travellers. Tina and Lukas have been travelling for a while. Their journey will take them to Ladakh in spring 2024, where they will visit the children and bring warm clothes and shoes.

Contact person. Mipham is a teacher and carer for the boys in the monastery. He is one of the monks himself and provides us with all the information we need for this project.