Windhoek Wadadee

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Windhoek’s Katatura district currently has a population of about 66,700. Katatura is a former township, created for racial segregation during apartheid. Many children and young people live in poor and socially neglected conditions.

The NGO Wadadee supervises several projects with children and teenagers. They are running a kindergarden, preparing meals for the children in Katatura and also support young woman in sewing and selling pads ind the NamPads project.

Tim Howell and Ewa Kalisiewicz visit the NGO Wadadee in Katatura. They want to climb and base jump in the beautiful country. They bring small backpacks for the kids of the kindergarten “Love Your Neighbor” and spend quality time with the kids. Also fabrics for the NamPads project.

Both also have fabrics and towels in their luggage, because Wadadee sews pads with seamstresses for the girls and young women of the Wadadee Cares partner projects. These are free of charge for the girls. The seamstresses can also sell pads in their neighborhood to become financially independent and secure their own income.