Kenial thanks to Schöffel

Kenial thanks to Schöffel for a stunningly big donation. We are so excited to bring the super-beautiful and high-quality jackets, pants and shirts exactly to those who really need it. Children and young people who are part of children’s aid projects all over the world. These are, for example, orphans in Albania and Nepal, disabled children and their siblings in Mongolia, a home for children in Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, students in Ukraine and Tajikistan and much more. We only bring what makes sense, in the right size, just suitable for the children and their life situation. We are always looking for travelers who personally hand over to the children, because that is our principle – and some children we accompany for many years. Thanks to Barbara, without whom the storage of things would not be possible at all and thanks to Robert for helping at all times.