Kenial news from Mongolia

Many thanks to Sandra from Freundeskreis Mongolei for the pictures! We could support the great projects of the Circle of Friends Mongolia with children’s shoes, jackets, socks and trousers. Thanks to Sprayway, Schöffel, LOWA and Maloja for their support and patience.
The association Freundeskreis Mongolei supports children and young people with disabilities in Mongolia. At first we had to wait for first loosenings of the strict lockdown in Mongolia. Then in April 2020 the warm jackets, shoes etc. were distributed to the 20 homeservice-families and to local staff.

In the Homeservice project, 20 families are being cared for and advised by children with severe disabilities. The children with disabilities live with their families, and we are very pleased to be able to give the siblings and in some cases the parents the high-quality jackets, shoes and socks.
Some things could not be distributed yet, because all educational institutions, the special kindergarten and the youth project, can only start again in September.