100 years alpine section Bergfried

For the celebration of 100 years of the alpine section Bergfried munich, Stefanie and MIchi started sellign kenial pillows and Stefanie wrote a wonderful article about our work. Thank you so much.

Kenial Advent Calendar

Every day a new door in the Kenial Advent calendar. If you want to know what a Christmas elephant looks like or how to write 24 in Mongolian, then it’s time for our Christmas calendar “Winter, Christmas or Elephant”. Here, little artists from all over the world show how they imagine Christmas, or if there…

Mountainman is moving mountains

Simply kenial! MOUNTAINMAN – Trail.Run.Hike will move mountains and has chosen us as a social aid project for 2021! The participants of the unique Mountainman runs can move mountains with us when they register for the start. Mountainman organises trail runs at the most beautiful corners of Germany and Europe – from now on always…

LOWA packing again

Thanks to LOWA for the great donation. Simply kenial. When everything is packed, the load will go to Mongolia, to Sandra from the NGO Freundeskreis Mongolei and will be distributed to children and young people on site. The NGO helps children and young adults with various disabilities and their families. Thanks to all the hard-working…

Thanks to the running angel, the DAV and LOWA

Even in Corona times, when many things are different, donations reach us. Thank you for the great donations to Sandra from running-angel for the magical backpacks and your support. Thanks to the DAV for clothes for children and teenagers, and thanks to LOWA for the regular shoe donations.

Boulderwelt Munich West

1000 € for KENIAL ⭐️ 😍 540 € came from the sale of the Yaffi at Boulderwelt Munich West. Today we were able to receive the check, and the Boulderwelt Munich West added up to 💙1000 €! Thank you!

Kenial idea Boulderwelt West

The Boulderwelt Munich West sells small Yaffis before Christmas and the proceeds go to us – simply KENIAL! Thanks to the Boulderwelt West for the great idea. And thanks to all strong Yaffi buyers!

kenial students of the LSH Marquartstein

Many thanks to the kenial students of the LSH Marquartstein! In a rapid donation running the young pupils gained € 670. And then the 5th grade classes, subject religion, moved on. Very creative and imaginative. Cookies and home-made kenial pendants were sold – and bottles collected. For almost € 350. We can really do a…

Thanks Schöffel!

Thx Schöffel for donating us so many wonderful textures! For new kenial mountains sewed by the fabulous Sonja in Brunnthal. Little kenial mountains are available in our online shop and with every purchase you support our children’s aid projects all over the world. In the next three weeks kenial people are moving mountains for children…

Rock it! and test it!

Thanks Feinbier unterwegs for the great raffle on the climbing test “Rock it! Test it!” event in the DAV-climbing center Siegerland. Many thanks to Daniela and the team of Feinbier unterwegs. We were really happy – And all the proceeds and donations will support our children’s aid projects. Great idea, great day!