Off to India

A day we have been working towards for a really long time. This morning, the first load set off for India. We support the NGO Tong-len charity there. The NGO helps children from the surrounding slums to go to school. The goal is to break the spiral of poverty and make it possible for the kids to leave the slums with education, medical care and social infrastructure. A great project in the north of India.
Customs is a huge hurdle here too, and the terrible situation caused by the pandemic does not make it any easier. But thanks to the great help of Raman from Exadsports and Simon from Munich Airport, the first steps have finally been taken and we hope that things will now move forward quickly and we will reach the kids in Dharamsala. Thanks also to sprayway, tatonka and lowa for helping us to bring high-quality jackets, great school backpacks and really good shoes to the children and young people.