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LEGO – we believe that that all children are potential builders of tomorrow

Happy New Year – Sometimes great things happen – A young employee at LEGO noticed our KENIAL project in Kathmandu, and she told the LEGO Foundation​ how we delivered jackets and shoes – personally and directly – to the 50 orphans living at a children’s home​ in Kathmandu. So this december a big box with 11 kg LEGO for kids arrived at KENIAL e.V. in Germany. Awesome. We looked for a mountaineer on the way to Nepal to bring the LEGO bricks to the children’s home. And we found Dominik Müller​ from Amical alpin​, preparing his trip to Nepal, guiding the Mera Peak trekking as a mountain guide. Thanks to Pramila for always supporting our projects in Kathmandu. Thx to Vroni, who suggested our kenial project. Thx to LEGO for this great donation.

The LEGO foundation wrote us: “we believe that that all children are potential builders of tomorrow. Our ultimate purpose is to inspire and develop you to think creatively, …and release your potential to shape your own future – ..experiencing the endless human possibility”.
Let’s keep it simple: Move a mountain for children in need. Wherever you do your sports, you can help. It is time to give something back. Personally and directly. Things that make the daily life much easier for a child. A warm jacket, a pair of shoes, a cap.

If you are a mountaineer, on your way to Nepal or Kenya – please contact us. There’s still some stuff to deliver. By the way, thx Sonja for the bag! We are still looking for some seabags for our projects!