online classes in Kathmandu

Last spring we could bring a really good laptop to the New Kopila children’s home in Kathmandu. We thought especially about the oldest girl of the home and her plans to go to college. If we had known what was coming… Now, after the city of Kathmandu was in a very strict lockdown, which is only slowly being loosened, the schools in Kathmandu are offering online classes. This is unimaginable for many of the students, as hardly anyone owns a computer just like that. But our children’s home has one. A laptop for 24 school children. And yet the joy is enormous! They can take part in the lessons. That means a lot to everyone.

So if you have a laptop left, which is still really good. If you work in a company that sorts out laptops that can still be used properly; we bring these laptops to the children’s homes and schools in the countries of our children’s aid projects. For example to Nepal, Kenya, India, South Africa, Albania, Ukraine…

By the way, 8 of the orphans were on visits when the lockdown was set. After weeks all could return to their home, the New Kopila. They are all fine and now very happy.