Laptops for homeschooling

Homeschooling all over the world. Last year, thanks to a donation of 25 laptops from secunet, we were able to provide some of the children’s homes with good computers. These laptops were intended primarily for older children attending college. Now we receive more and more news from all over the world that these laptops make it possible for all children in the children’s homes to participate in home schooling. Education is the only way into the future for these kids. For the social workers it is an insane organisational effort to divide the slots correctly. But everyone is enthusiastic about the possibility to participate in homeschooling at all. In Nepal, for example, 24 school children of different ages share a kenial laptop. And maybe for the next to months as schools are still closed.
Support those kids. Whoever has a laptop left that is still really good. If you work in a company that now and then sorts out laptops that can still be used properly; we bring these laptops to the children’s homes and schools in the countries of our children’s aid projects. For example to Nepal, Kenya, India, South Africa, Albania, Ukraine…