Jackets, sweater and more for Kenya

We are very happy, because everything worked out well. Twice Esther takes many, many things for the orphans of the Utunzi Kwa Watoto to Nakuru on her way to Kenya. And in March they all come together. Thanks to DAV for the many great windbreakers and rain jackets, which the kids can really use on…

Laptop for University

Thank you Bena for the wonderful pictures. The young woman at Bena’s side is now 19 years old and starting her studies at university. And gets a Kenyan laptop and a Tatonke bag to start with. As a half-orphan, she has been cared for by Bena and the NGO Utunzi Kwa Watoto since she was…

Backpacks for Kenya

Kenial thanks to Tim Howell and Bena Mugwe. On the way to Mount Kenya, Tim brought the backpacks to Bena from Utunzi Kwa Watoto. Now there is room for all the school supplies! Thanks to Tatonka for the great donation!

Tatonka backpacks

Thanks to Tatonka.com for the kenial donation! So many cool school bags for the kids. We are starting with the first backpacks towards Kenya. Tim Howell North BASE makes his way to Kenya and brings the kid’s from Utunzi Kwa Watoto backpacks personally and directly. Very cool. Thank you so much!

a journey to Kenya

With Esther, new things fly to Kenya and reach the children of Utunzi Kwa Watoto directly. A few are still in school, and so clothings will be distributed later.

new clothes and shoes for the kids in Kenya

Thanks to LOWA and the DAV for the kenial donation. The first part has arrived in Kenya. A second part is still waiting for the transport. Hello Kenya travelers – just take it with you and move mountains for children.

Thanks secunet Security Networks AG

Big thank you to our friends from Security Networks AG for the 25 brand-new-high-tech-Laptops. The tech company Secunet is based in Essen, and is one of the big names in german IT security. But besides that, Secunet is on a mission: to help the kids and students of our children aid projects around the world.…

Bundle, fly away and move mountains

Thanks to Helli Gargitter for the kenial support on his way to Kenya. That’s really a lot of luggage. You almost stuff the plane full! A lot of shoes will be handed out – thanks to LOWA! – to the mountain guides, porters and mountain rescue on site. Of course we will also deliver shoes…