Climbing in schools

It started with one school, and then we received a large donation of climbing shoes. We are distributing the majority of the shoes to various other schools in Ukraine, where children of all ages are learning to climb, find their way around the terrain and much more. They spend time together, despite the war.

With Krystyna’s help, the shoes are brought to the Ukraine, where Krystyna selects the groups and schools that enjoy teaching children how to climb. Each school receives new LOWA climbing shoes.

The first shoes arrive at the school in Bohorodtschany. We have known the children for a while. And their dedicated teacher, who climbs with the kids, practises off-road orienteering and much more.

A lively climbing group in Lviv, with a small bouldering hall. The children climb outside a lot and here, too, the trainer tries everything to give the kids a little distraction from everyday life during the war.