Tajikistan 2019

Five young alpinists will start to climb the south face of Bolshaya Ganza at the end of August and also support a kenial children’s aid project in Zeravshan-2, Tajikistan. Together with the Federal Foreign Office and the Secretary of the Comission on Child Rights, the climbers help children with disabilities and orphans who go to the local school.

The Secretary of the Comission on Child Rights in Ayni could put together a list of 50 names. 50 children from very poor background. We bring warm jackets, hats … Thanks to the Foreign Office for the contact and organisation.

Goal is to climb the unclimbed south face of Bolshaya Ganza 5350m. The south face consists of more than 1500 meters of vertical rock, ridges, ice and mixed terrain. It is comparable to the south face of Mont Blanc, except that it is steeper.

Athletes. Phillip, Martin, Andreas, Stefan and Elena. They love to get in contact with people all over the world and learn about their culture and everyday life.

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