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In December 2020, our project will begin in Cape Town, together with The Homestead. The Homestead helps street kids stabilize in a safe environment. Addresses any substance abuse, behavioral and trauma issues. Takes care of education, school attendance, training of the boys. When possible, The Homestead tries to open the way back to the families, or place the boys in the affiliated Launchpad Project. To then live as independent and self-sufficient individuals. In total, The Homestead serves more than 400 boys per week, as social workers also care for children before they end up on the streets.

On our first visit 2020 we visit the 65 former street children between 7 and 17, who find a new home in the shelter in Cape Town. They can go to school again, experience a regular daily routine, play soccer and much more. The younger ones are accommodated in a large shelter, the older ones live in a supervised shared flat directly in the city.

2021 we would like to bring The Hoemestead something for all the boys, in the luggage are 50 kg of football clothes, donated by “Trikot für die Welt” from Hamburg. We are always happy about travelers to Cape Town. So the boys can get what they need. The stuff can be picked up at the hotel, or you can visit the kids together with the social workers.