Dehradun • Dharamsala • Lamayuru

We will start another project in North India in spring 2021 to help the children cared for by the Tong-Len. Again, Ramesh from Exadsports in India will help us to easily overcome the many bureaucratic hurdles of cargo delivery. And we keep on. Already in spring and October we can bring things to the children again. Blankets, shoes, jackets, backpacks. Simply great!



The children. Currently, more than 140 children between the ages of 4 and 18 live in the school, and additional toddlers are admitted regularly. Furthermore, about 150 children from the surrounding slums attend the school as day pupils. They come by school bus in the morning and return to their shacks and under their tarpaulins in the afternoon.

The slums: The most urgent need is for warm clothes and blankets for the children who still live in the slums. With inadequate shelter, without blankets or proper clothing, they have to go through a harsh winter. The school children in particular need clothes and shoes. Medical care is provided by the NGO Tong-Len.

Contact: Preetu works for the NGO Tong-Len and lives on campus. There are projects for the resocialisation of slum dwellers, sewing projects for women and much more besides the school and the care of the slums. All information is available here: Tong-Len Charitable Trust

First distribution: the warm jackets, shoes and school bags arte are handed over in August 2021. For the children from the slum joining the school.

In 2021 and 2022 we will deliver warm blankets with the help of Maloja. For the small kids that are to young for school and for young mothers with their babys. In the slums the blankets will be handed over as soon as the rain stopps.

The distribution of warm blankets in the slum is managed by the fields stuff of the NGO. The heavy rain does not make it easy, but every little child will get a warm blanket.

In 2023, we visit not only Tong-Len and the school, but also all the SLums around Dharalsala. They all took time to explain to us exactly how people live here and where there can be possible ways out.

We get to know all the school children and experience that the level of education is very high. We experience happy and cheerful children who spend the whole day together completely freely.

Over the next few days, more than 145 backpacks with the children’s names have arrived by shipping. Inside are matching shoes and a warm jacket for each boarding school child. What is missing is underwear, socks and a few games.

In 2024 there will be additional cover for the very young children in pre-school and school.

The clinic bus is on the road. The mobile medical practice travels to all 7 slums, helping the sick, providing preventive care and much more. The practice’s computer is kenial.

In April 2024, the head of the NGO travelled to Europe and we were able to give him clothes for the youngest children who were new to school from the slum, laptops and mobile phones.