Bohorodtschany school

A school with 800 children in Bohorodchany. And a really ambitious teacher. It’s about ourdoor sport and climbing. The children learn everything about orientation, equipment, first aid, rope handling, etc. There are even competitions between schools and universities. The children get mountain boots, harnesses and hardware from us. First aid kits for the whole school. And also two laptops. And it goes on and on. Thanks to Krystyna we can constantly accompany the students, and give the school a whole 10 computers in 2022.

A dedicated teacher for all interested students. Thanks to the climbing gyms around Munich for the shirts.

Let’s start the adventure. Camping, hiking, finding trails … and competing with other schools and universities.

40 of the children also climb the self-made climbing walls of the gym. Everything made by themselves.

young climbers ukraine
The war now lasts almost a year and 12 older pupils provide distraction for the younger ones. They continue climbing in the gym, even without the teacher, who has long since been drafted. We provide the 12 with the right things for the winter.

young climbers ukraine
With small competitions and events on the self-built climbing walls, the big pupils provide a few enjoyable hours.