Tajikistan 2017

Destination is Pik Lenin. Three young alpinists start in the end of July, and become part of a kenial children’s aid project in Istaravshan, Tajikistan. Together with EFA (Education For All), who build an educational institution with a women’s shelter and a children’s home.

In cooperation with EFA and the the NGO for disabled humans in Istaravschan, we support 30 children between two and 10 years young and 10 babies, who live under extremely poor conditions. With really warm jackets to get through the cold season of the year and other urgently needed clothes. Thx for supporting this project to Tatonka and marmot!

Goal is the Pik Lenin, that rises to 7,134 metres (23,406 ft) in Gorno-Badakhshan (GBAO) on the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and is the second-highest point of both countries. First acclimatization will start near the Uzbek border for the three guys.

Athletes. Sebastian, Wenzel und Lukas bring all things to the kids personally and directly. Following they will travel further south, near the Uzbek border for the first acclimatization before finally leaving to the basecamp of the Pik Lenin.

Kontakt in Germany. Dirk is the founder of the EFA, a german NGO.

EFA. Is a german NGO, building an educational institution with a women’s shelter and a children’s home in Istaravshan. More Information: EFA and Tadschikistan.pdf (pdf, 1,7MB) about the work in Tajikistan.