For many years Ellen and Helmut have been organizing help for various institutions around the city of Timisoara, Romania. On site they work together with Caritas and support a baby clinic, a children’s home, a women’s shelter, a day care center for children and much more. Everything is needed for the children. We can help with clothes and shoes, but we also need hygiene products and clothes for nurses. You can contact Ellen directly:

The baby clinic. Newborns with congenital disabilities are operated and treated here. The children mostly come from families that cannot take care of the sick children and in most cases cannot pick them up. The babies stay there up to 2 years.

The orphanage. At the moment 12 children live in the orphanage of Caritas. Sometimes former “children” come back to find accommodation for some time, e.g. when they study or work nearby – until they have found their own affordable place to live.

The women’s shelter. Women in acute need find asylum here with their children for up to 6 weeks. They receive all the support they need, visits to the authorities are accompanied, therapeutic measures are initiated, a job is sought and, of course, new housing is provided.

The day care center. Children from 6 years of age get breakfast in the morning before school, a warm meal at noon, a snack in the afternoon and often some food for the little brothers and sisters at home. In addition, clothing, shoes, school materials, doctor’s visits, medication, hygiene articles, etc.

Organisation: Ellen and Helmut have been organising regular transports to Timisoara for years and know everything very well on site. Much more is needed than clothes and shoes. Above all medical help, hygiene articles, help for people with disabilities, prostheses or simply a bicycle. The transports are completely privately financed, so donations are super important.