Lukas rides his bike – and takes something kenial with him. In Rwanda, 42.9% of the population is between 0 and 14 years old. In addition, children make up over 80% of Rwanda’s rural population and often have limited access to education. The Rwanda Children and Youth Aid supports orphans and other needy children and young people. In the Rutunga area, the association is building a school that will provide free education to rural children.

The children. 25 lively children between the ages of 3 and 5 started in the first class of the Happy Kids School in 2020. The school is located northeast of Kigali. The kids get sandals, backpacks and shirts from us.

Athletes. Lukas will be cycling the race in February 2021. It’s 1.000 km length and 15.000 m of elevation. And because Lukas wants to move mountains, he takes some time beforehand and brings kenial things to the kids.

Contact. Our contact on the ground in Rwanda is Egide – and in Germany the wonderful Sonja for

Lukas brings backpacks for the kids of the first grade of the Happy School, Sandals and Shirts. Thanks Tatonka and sprayway for the support.

In October 2021, the next class will start school. And there are backpacks, sandals and nice shirts for these kids, too. Sonja from Düsseldorf brings everything over.

In July 2022 the next class will follow. And we will keep on: backpacks for the kids – thanks Tatonka!, Sandals and Shirts. All kids and parents are so exited.

Sonja from Düsseldorf and the NGO KJHR distributes everything with the help of Egide on site. It is a growing school now and we are very proud to support these kids.

In August 2023, the great association KJHR will enrol the new first class. Children and parents are very, very proud and excited. We are there and equip the kids.

Sonja and Egide are of course on site and take care of everything. The small school cannot accommodate all the children in a year. These kids are really lucky to be there.