Dome and his friends are on the island of Bali in Indonesia to surf, enjoy the sea and the scenery. Of course, they are part of a kenialken project and visit the organization
The children’s home is home to nearly 50 children. They take in orphaned, abandoned or rejected children to give them hope, dignity. The kids get all-around care and go to school. The 5 youngsters from Germany spend a super nice day at the home, go shopping together, cook, kick, play cards and much more.
For kenial support, the travelers go shopping with the kids and their caregivers. Very specific sandals are needed for the traditional school clothing. So into the bus and off they go shopping. In the luggage the 5 have a kenialen laptop for the home.

The children. 46 boys and girls. They are orphans, abandoned and rejected children who have found a new home here.

The travelers. Dominik is traveling with his friends. Some have just finished school, others have semester break. Time to surf, explore beaches and simply discover new things.

The travelers have a laptop in their luggage. The rest is bought locally. They need the right shoes to go with the traditional school clothes from the local shoe store. So off they go. And then there is shopping for a good meal for all.