Moving mountains. logoKENIAL e.V. supports, together with athletes, children’s aid projects all over the world. As athletes we want the mountain, the perfect wave, the firn. We make use of the incredible nature in the spots that we love. We are pleased by other cultures and happy about hospitality in far distances from home. When we mountaineers, freeriders, surfers set out into the world everything is planned, membraned, gizmoed, gadgeted and always bleeding edge – super healthy, super fit and go! – it is time to give something back. We bring along, what makes sense. What kids on site really need. We research our projects very well. Identify the right contact persons in the countries. Organise cargo, custom duties and much more.

Everything arrives. The athletes delivers everything on site to the kids directly. Our projects are solely financed by donations.


current projects

Nepal. A small, private orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal. The 50 kids need warm jackets, shoes and shirts… Luis Stitzinger visited the kids in October 2016 to bring the things they need, and guided the Rolwaling Trek more…

BHUTAN I. The Bhutanese Amateur Atheltic Federation build up a Kids Athletics programme geared to train the children from the grass root level. They need jackets, sport shoes, shirts…more…

Tajikistan. Six mountaineers of the DAV Expedition Corps travelled the Pamir Mountains. On their way back, the women visited a Children’s Home in Rushan, and brought the kids the stuff they really needed. more…

Bhutan. The Sheruptse College (RUB) wants to built up 5 study places for visually impaired students. Their subjects are Arts and Humanities, Economics and Science. They need 5 Laptops, software, braille bookmaker embosser and more..

kenia_picKenia. 116 aids orphans at the foot of Mount Kenya received urgently needed rainjackets, pants, backpacks and more…  It is still possible and sensible to support these kids – on your way to Kilimandscharo or Mount Kenya for example.

Cuba. A children’s music group in Havanna’s district La Lisa needs a music system high in quality. In december 2015 they received shirts and footballs. The kids practice traditional dances for carnival more…

Bali. Our kenial surfer Luke is looking for a suited children’s aid project on Bali. And the perfect wave.